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What We Do

We Make Chocolate

We are proud of our quality ingredients and expertise to deliver a full-service model that delivers amazing chocolate and compound.

We continue to invest in innovation to help customers stay ahead of the game.

Nimble to market, from concept to shelf, we offer small batch sizes to assist with your trial requirements.
An extensive range exploring:
- No Added Sugar
- Sugar-Reduced Options
- Protein Enriched
- Plant-Based Alternatives
- Organic
- Flavoured and Coloured Options

Our team have a shared love for all components of food manufacturing – from the technical build to the end experience – ensuring your ideas come to life.  

We have an in-house team with diverse experience in moulding, enrobing, inclusions, panning, coating, bakery application, extrusion, and retail bagging.
- Local Product Development Team
- Fuji Oil Group R&D Centres
- Technical Sales 
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We have the certifications and processes to ensure we meet the standards that drive quality and food safety for our partners and our people.